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    Pelham Public Schools



        2016-17 Board of Education
Seated (L-R) - Vice President Madeline L. Smith,  President,  Marianne L. Gilland, and Christa D. Acampora and Standing (L-R)  Thomas F. Imperato, Stephen Molineaux, Lonnie H. Phillips, and Peter S. Liaskos

914-738-3434, ext. 1155
FAX: 914 738-7223
EMAIl: boe@pelhamschools.org

Marianne L. Gilland – mgilland@pelhamschools.org
Board President 
Service Began July 2011
Term Expires June 2017
Madeline L. Smith - msmith@pelhamschools.org
Board Vice President
Board Service Began July  2012 
Term Expires June 2018

Christa D. Acampora - cacampora@pelhamschools.org
Board Service Began July 2016
Term Expires June 2019

Thomas F. Imperato - timperato@pelhamschools.org
Board Service Began July 2013
Term Expires June 2019   

Peter S. Liaskos - pliaskos@pelhamschools.org
Board Service Began July 2016
Term Expires June 2019

Stephen Molineaux - smolineaux@pelhamschools.org
Board Service Began October 2014
Term Expires June 2018

Lonnie H. Phillips – lphillips@pelhamschools.org
Board Service Began July 2014
Term Expires June  2017

District Clerk
The District Clerk is responsible for foil requests, legal inquiries and submissions,
voting information and School Board elections.
Stephanie Pollock
District Clerk
914-738-3434, ext. 1155
Pelham Schools
Central Office
18 Franklin Place
Pelham, New York 10803