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    Pelham Public Schools



April 5, 2016 Elementary World Language Task Force Update:   WLTF Update April 5 2016.pdf 

March 15, 2016 Update in the 1 to 1 Chromebook Initiative:   Update on 1 to 1 Chromebooks 3-15-16.pdf & Student Impressions of Chromebooks Video CHROMEbookedv2.mp4 

February 9, 2016 Study Session on the Feasibility of Offering the IB MYP at PMHS:   IB MYP Study Session Feb 9 2016.pdf 

October 13, 2015 Study Session on 21st Century Learning, STEAM, MakerSpaces:  BOE Study Session 10-13-15 Outline.pdf 

Jan. 12, 2015 IB Middle School Years Feasibility Study

June 16, 2014 Math Textbook Review Committee Recommendation

February 24, 2014 Report:  Update on Work of Social Studies Task Force  Social Studies Task Force Update Feb 24 2014 for BoE.pdf 

December 2, 2013 Report:  Benchmarking the High School Program  Benchmarking the High School Program Dec 2 2013.pdf 

November 4, 2013 Report:  Benchmarking the Middle School Program  Benchmarking the Middle School Program Nov 4 2013.pdf 

October 7, 2013 Report: Benchmarking the Elementary Program

September 23, 2013 Report:  APPR Changes

Curriculum and School Reports Archive - 2009-10, 2011-12, 2012-13