Welcome to the Educational Technology website. Our department is responsible for providing technical support and oversight of all District owned technology resources. Furthermore, this department provides professional development and community outreach on educational technology topics. 
Our support staff is phenomenal. They work diligently to keep the many systems our District has operational, to ensure technology enhances instruction rather than hampering it. 
I invite you to learn about our department through this web-site. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.


  • 9/8/16- Chromebook Insurance Premium for 16/17 School Year:

    Audience-7th-12th Graders- If you are planning on purchasing the optional Chromebook Insurance, the premium for the 2016/2017 school year will be $30.00. When you sign your Chromebook AUP please note in the proper section that you will be accepting the insurance and please bring in a check for the amount above made payable to Pelham Union Free School District. Policy terms and conditions can be found in the Student Chromebook Resource section of this webpage. Please note that the District will handle all claim filing with the exception of police reports needed for documentation of theft.

  • 8/14/16-Board of Education Policy Reminders

    Audience- District Faculty and Staff: As the last few weeks of summer vacation near, you might want to take a moment to review Board of Education Policies 6410: Staff Use of Electronic Resources and 6411 Use of District E-mail. These policies can be viewed by accessing the District web site>>>Board of Education>>> Pelham Public School District Policy Manual. In the past, staff members were required to sign a new AUP every year stating they understand the Board Policy # 6410, Staff Use of Computer Resources. In an effort to reduce paper/paperwork, only new staff members will be required to sign an AUP. All staff members who previously signed an AUP will have the document kept on file in the Technology Office.

  • 1/11/16- Student Chromebook Item

    Audience- 8th-11th Grade Students/Parents: We have been seeing a large number of Chromebook's suffering damage when placed inside backpacks, even when they are in the case. It is highly recommended that students carry Chromebook's in the case, rather than storing it in a backpack.
    Thank you!



Contact: Technology Support can be accessed by sending an email to or, if on a District computer, by clicking on the Tech Support icon. The Director of Technology can be reached by dialing 914-738-8110 X1204. Office Location: PMHS Campus Room 116D