Turf Field Replacement FAQs

A photo of the turf field at Glover

This year, in addition to the 2024-25 proposed school budget and Board of Education member election, voters are being asked to consider a proposal to spend money from an existing Capital Reserve to replace the synthetic turf at the stadium field of the Glover Complex. Please read this Q&A to learn more about this proposal.

Official Ballot Language

Proposition Number Two - Authorization to Expend From a Capital Reserve Fund

May the Board of Education expend an amount up to $850,000.00, from the capital reserve fund known as the "Pelham School District Athletic Field Capital Reserve Fund 2016" to replace the artificial turf at Glover Field and pay any related or associated costs of this project, including but not limited to the professional services for this project?

What is being proposed?

Voters are being asked to approve spending up to $850,000 from an existing Capital Reserve to replace the synthetic playing surface at the stadium field inside the field at the Glover Complex.

Will approval of this project raise taxes in Pelham?

No. In 2016, the District created a Capital Reserve for the explicit purpose of replacing the synthetic turf field and other Glover athletic facilities improvements. Funds in this reserve may not be used for other purposes. If this proposition is approved, the District will expend money from that reserve for the project. No additional taxes will be raised for this project.

Why does the synthetic turf need to be replaced?

The original synthetic turf was installed in 2013 with generous funding from the Friends of Pelham Sports. The expected useful life of synthetic turf fields is about 10-12 years. While the field currently remains in good condition thanks to the hard work of the District’s facilities/maintenance staff, beginning this process now provides sufficient time to ensure the field remains playable for our student athletes into the future.

When will this project take place?

If approved by voters, the District will begin designing and seeking State Education Department approval for this project in the coming year. It is anticipated that the project would occur during the summer of 2025 and be complete in time for the 2025-26 athletic season.

Can the Board of Education replenish the Capital Reserve once the money has been expended?

No. Once the funds in the reserve have been spent, the Board of Education can not refill it with additional money. If the referendum is successful, approximately $480,000 would remain in the Capital Reserve and could be used for future projects, subject to voter approval.

Will the rest of the Glover Complex remain open during construction?

Yes. It is expected that when construction occurs, Friendship Field, the tennis courts, the newly installed turf field/baseball fields and Richie Bell field will remain open.