Exploratorium 2019

Students play with a model rollercoaster
A display of children's books and a posterboard with photos
A display showing students' geometric art
Students play Jenga while a teacher looks on
Students set up blocks and tinker with a robot that will knock them down.
an overhead shot of the middle school gym during the Exploratorium
An older student helps kids build models using marshmallows and skewers.
High School students show younger students how to dance wearing disco costumes from their production of %22Mamma Mia!%22
Students design a town on the floor using paper and drawings.
Students try on virtual reality sets
Students play with clay in water at a Suez exhibit
Students simulate flying an airplane
The sign welcoming folks to the PEF Exploratorium
Students look through a microscope
Students connect wires to make a circuit

Students poured into the Pelham Middle School gym on April 10 for the Pelham Education Foundation’s bi-annual Exploratorium. The event highlights many of the great initiatives that are part of the Pelham Public Schools’ curriculum across all subjects through hands-on, interactive activities. Examples include a poetry wall, where students could write poems, building and testing marshmallow launchers, experimenting with virtual reality headsets, dance lessons by the cast of the PMHS Sock’n’Buskin performance of “Mamma Mia!” and performances by the PMHS Chorus, Jazz Band and Orchestra. The Exploratorium also showcases many of the generous grants recently awarded by the Pelham Education Foundation. Please read more about the PEF.