Announcing ParentSquare as the District's New Communications Platform

Announcing ParentSquare as the District's New Communications Platform
Alexander Wolff

Dear Pelham Families,

We are excited to announce that the Pelham Public Schools will be transitioning to ParentSquare as our main mass communications tool at the beginning of December. ParentSquare is a unified communications platform designed to keep parents and guardians informed and encourage greater engagement and connection with your school and the district.

ParentSquare will replace Constant Contact and Infinite Campus Messenger as the primary means of District and school based communication. In addition to bringing greater consistency in our communications, ParentSquare includes a number of features which we believe will be of particular benefit to our families, including:

  • Creating more robust and engaging communications

  • Providing flexibility for how messages are received with a free mobile app and customizable message delivery features

  • Having more accurate and frequently updated contact information

  • Automating two-way language translation to foster a more inclusive school community

How ParentSquare Will be Used

For our initial step, District and School/Principal communications, such as newsletters and emails, as well as emergency text messages and phone blasts will begin coming via ParentSquare. For the time being, communication from teachers will continue to come as it currently does. As we become more comfortable with the system, the District expects to roll out additional features next year with the goal of using this software as our one-stop-shop for home to school communications. 

What Do Parents/Guardians Need to Do?

All Parents/Guardians will receive emails and emergency communications automatically once the District begins using ParentSquare. As we move closer to implementing ParentSquare, families will receive a notification to the email address(es) on file in Infinite Campus prompting you to register your ParentSquare account. Account registration is strongly recommended and will provide families the ability to:

  • Download/login to the free ParentSquare app to view posts in one convenient location

  • Receive push notifications via the App

  • Set personal notification preferences

  • Select a preferred home language two-way automated translation

For the best possible user experience, we encourage you to view this Getting Started Video from ParentSquare

We are very excited to be transitioning to ParentSquare and look forward to providing additional information about its features as we make this transition. 


The Pelham Public Schools

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