BOE Meeting Wrap-up: Line-by-Line Budget Review

Alexander Wolff

Dear Pelham Community,

On Saturday, March 5, the Board of Education met for its annual line-by-line budget review. At the meeting Pelham administrator’s were on hand to present and review various aspects of the 2022-23 preliminary budget, which totals $83,675,000 and includes a tax cap compliant tax levy increase of 2.62%. Specific topics covered include an overview of the revenue and expenditure budget, athletics, curriculum and instruction, instructional technology, counseling and health services, psychology & social work, and operations and maintenance, among others. 

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The preliminary budget was first proposed by Dr. Champ on February 16 and includes several proposals that are intended to help meet the academic and social-emotional needs of students, such as:

  • Increasing the number of permanent intervention teachers to support students in Math/ELA at the elementary schools and Pelham Middle School

  • Addressing social-emotional wellness by creating an elementary school counselor to deliver the Fly-5 SEL curriculum and adding an additional clinician to support MS/HS students

  • Adding a special education teacher to meet student IEP needs at Pelham Middle School

  • Hiring social studies and technology teachers at PMHS to meet student course request demands and provide increased access to STEAM electives

  • Creating boys & girls bowling teams to meet increased interest in athletics at PMHS

  • Consolidating personnel related functions under a new Executive Director for HR and Leadership to allow Asst. Superintendent for Excellence in Teaching and Learning to focus exclusively on curriculum, instruction and assessment

  • Creating a Coordinator of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

Please visit the District website to read more about the preliminary budget and see additional budget highlights. 

In addition to the budget, the Board is considering a proposal to create a Capital Reserve, which could be used to fund future facility improvements/repairs. The establishment of a Capital Reserve would be subject to voter approval as a separate proposition on the May 17 ballot. Once created, the Board of Education would have the ability to fund the reserve using surplus funds each year, if available up to a maximum cap of $10 million. Expenditure of the funds in the Capital Reserve would also be subject to voter approval. 

The Board will further consider both the budget and capital reserve proposals at its upcoming meetings on March 23 and April 6. Budget adoption is scheduled for April 20 and the annual School Budget Vote and Board of Education member election will be held on Tuesday, May 17 from 7am-9pm in the Pelham Middle School Gym. 

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