BOE Meeting Wrap-up: Vaccinations, Goals for the Year, Committee Assignments

BOE Meeting Wrap-up: Vaccinations, Goals for the Year, Committee Assignments
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Dear Pelham Community,

At its meeting last Wednesday, August 25, the Pelham Board of Education discussed the upcoming opening of school on September 9, set the District goals for the year and selected members to serve on various committees.

Vaccinations and COVID Testing

Dr. Champ reported to the Board that in partnership with the Pelham Teachers Association and in alignment with the Governor’s directive all teachers are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 this school year or be tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis to ensure that our students and staff are as healthy as possible during the upcoming year. The same is expected of all staff. 

The Board approved the continuation of “high risk” sports, including volleyball, football and cheerleading, for the fall season with the caveat that all athletes and program staff will be required to be fully vaccinated or tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. All athletes participating in other sports are also expected to participate in the District’s surveillance testing program as selected. Additional details about the testing program will be forthcoming.  

During its discussion, the Board encouraged all eligible staff and students to be vaccinated as soon as possible, recognizing that doing so is essential in keeping our community safe, schools open and ensuring students receive the education they deserve.

The District’s plans for the upcoming school year were also discussed at two virtual meetings with families that were held on Tuesday, August 31. Links to view recordings of these meetings are available below:

Morning Session

Evening Session

Additional information is available on the District website.

Board of Education/Superintendent Goals

The following goals were adopted for the Board of Education and Superintendent:

Aligning with our commitment to fiscal responsibility, our mission and the District vision statement, which emphasizes high expectations, creative and critical thinking, sense of belonging, and continuous improvement, the Board and Superintendent will focus on the following systemic goal areas:

  1. Prioritize the highest quality full time in-person education possible for all Pelham students, supporting their physical and emotional health, while balancing the safety needs of students and staff as we continue to work within the context of the pandemic.
  2. Work to renew our student-centered high achieving academic culture after the challenges of 2020-21, by deepening our relationships, connections, and networks of support with and for students and staff. Return to multiple avenues of communication and in-person engagement with our greater Pelham community.
  3. Oversee implementation of the District’s Strategic Plan including updated action plans to support specific, meaningful, and observable outcomes in the following strategic goal areas:
  • Cultural Competence - Cultivate an empathetic, inclusive and equitable school community that values and encourages respect, voice and agency for all students.
  • Authentic Learning - Develop innovative problem solvers, critical and creative thinkers, effective communicators and strong collaborators who can apply their knowledge and skills to navigate real world challenges.
  • Whole Child - Deepen our systemic academic and social-emotional supports for the health, safety, and well-being of the whole child, recognizing that our learners need to balance academic, physical, social, and emotional demands.

Board of Education Committee Assignments

The Board also assigned members to lead and serve on a number of committees this school year, including the Audit, Policy, Finance, Facilities, Bond Steering, Advocacy and Community Engagement, Safety, Authentic Learning/Curriculum, Wellness, and Cultural Competence committees. A full list of committee membership is available on the District website

Additional information about how community members can apply to serve on some of these committees will be forthcoming once the school year begins. 

The next Board of Education meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 14. 


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