Update on COVID-19 Test Results, Registration

Alexander Wolff

Dear Families, 

We are extremely pleased to report that of the 456 COVID-19 tests that were taken as part of our initial round of testing, only 1 positive case was identified with no students or staff being required to quarantine. Moving forward, these results will be posted on the District’s COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

Our next round of testing will begin next week with the goal of testing 20% of the school population on a weekly basis. Test kits will be distributed to students this Friday, October 22 so they may be returned to school on Monday, October 25. Please see the important information below regarding the next phase of our testing program and the District’s protocols for educating students while quarantined. 

Registration for Testing Program Still Open

To ensure that our schools are as safe as possible, it is important that our weekly testing program includes as many families as possible so that the same individuals are not being tested each time. If you have not already registered to have your child participate in the program, please search your email for a message from “C-19 Safety First” that includes instructions on how to do so. Participation in this program is an extremely helpful tool as we seek to identify presymptomatic and asymptomatic cases of COVID-19, which will prevent outbreaks and keep our schools open, especially as we head into the colder months. Please contact the District's COVID-19 Coordinator Bridget Gates if you have questions or need additional assistance.

Educating Elementary Students Under Quarantine

Thankfully, very few students have been required to quarantine this year as a result of exposure to COVID-19 while at school. This is due largely to the high vaccination rates of our teachers, staff and students over the age of 12, as well as the changes to the quarantine regulations in schools by the New York State Department of Health.

With that said, the District is committed to keeping students engaged when quarantine is required while also ensuring that our teachers and resources are available to support our in-person learners. The following general framework is in place to assist elementary school students who are quarantined:

  • The child’s teacher will reach out to the family by the end of the next academic day after the school is alerted to the quarantine 
  • Frequent contact between the teacher and student is critical, therefore the teacher will conduct a Google Meet check in with the student(s) on a regular basis. Parents/guardians should stay in close contact with the teacher so that the check in time can be best tailored to meet the needs of the student
  • The teacher will provide classwork to the student/family relative to the content that is being taught in class through either Google Classroom or hard copy as appropriate 
  • Students may also be instructed to use virtual programs (i.e. Dreambox, IXL, Raz Kids, My On, etc.) in place of their IE block work
  • Specials teachers will establish resource pages to provide general grade level asynchronous work for quarantined students
  • Special Education Services will be provided through remote instruction (via Google Meet) as per the student IEP.

The District will continue to evaluate these plans during the year and make adjustments as necessary to ensure that all students are progressing through the curriculum.

Thank you for your continued assistance in keeping our schools safe and open.


The Pelham Public Schools

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