Guidelines for Quarantine/Isolation

Guidelines for Quarantine/Isolation
Julia Chung

Dear Families,

With the increase in the number of individuals under isolation (due to testing positive) and/or quarantine (due to being in close contact with someone who tested positive), I would like to encourage families to practice precautionary measures and closely observe the isolation/quarantine requirements. 

Please see the NYS Department of Health guidance below for isolation/quarantine. We understand that difficulties may arise depending on the age of the individual and the family’s dwelling configuration. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services Julia Chung.

Guidance for Isolation/Quarantine

While indoors, separate the individual under isolation/quarantine in the home to the extent possible, including:

  • Having a separate room and bathroom facilities,
  • Sanitizing shared spaces often,
  • Delivering food to the individual’s quarters,
  • Wearing a mask in the home, and
  • Monitoring the individual closely for symptoms.

An individual under isolation/quarantine can walk outside their house on their own property, but they must not come within six feet of neighbors or other members of the public. Individuals living in a multiple dwelling may not utilize common stairways or elevators to access the outside. Likewise, these individuals must refrain from walking in their neighborhood.


Julia Chung 

Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services

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