Tuesday's COVID-19 Update

Dr. Champ

Dear Pelham Parents and Community Members,

We are continuing to monitor information and guidance regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and adapt as necessary to protect our students and staff. As I mentioned in my email this afternoon, the Pelham Public Schools do not fall within the New Rochelle containment area that was enacted by Governor Cuomo and our schools continue to remain open. To date, we are not aware of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Pelham community, nor have we been informed of any additional individuals being asked to self-quarantine by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). In a call with the NYSDOH this morning we were again advised that a closure was not warranted even in light of the New Rochelle closures. 

As you know, we have restricted evening building use to provide more time for our facilities team to deep clean and sanitize our buildings. Additionally we are:

  • Discontinuing large group events within the schools (i.e. grade level assemblies at the MS/HS campus, Town Halls at elementary schools, etc.)

  • Postponing or canceling trips to large group venues

  • Seeking to purchase additional hand sanitizer through a newly established state program, and,

  • In alignment with efforts of the Town and Villages, strongly recommending that family members who are elderly or have underlying health issues not attend school events and that those who do elect to attend any school events practice social distancing. 

Lastly, I want to take a moment to thank our administrative team, faculty, and staff for continuing their hard work to educate our students each and every day. From our facilities team to our teachers, I remain immensely proud of their professionalism and dedication in the face of this extremely stressful time for us all. Please continue to check our dedicated COVID-19 webpage for additional information and resources.


Cheryl H. Champ
Superintendent of Schools

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