Update on Julianne's Playground

Alexander Wolff

Dear Hutchinson Community,

Last week, we learned that the slide at Julianne’s Playground was damaged, leaving it unusable for our students and the larger Pelham community. Upon learning of the damage, we closed the slide and taped over the hole so that nobody would get hurt and immediately contacted our playground vendor to determine the best course of action and repair the slide. Unfortunately, due to supply issues and the age of the slide, our vendor has not yet been able to locate a replacement for the damaged part, which is why the slide has remained closed. We are continuing to work with our vendor to find the replacement part, and in the meantime are exploring other options to ensure that Julianne’s Playground continues to be properly maintained and a fun place for children to play. I want you to know that I share your frustration and am hopeful that we will find a workable solution soon. The District remains committed to keeping Julianne’s Playground a safe, active and enjoyable park for Pelham’s children both now and in the future when the new playground at Hutchinson is opened and the park is no longer being used by the school on a daily basis. 

As we work to address playground’s short-term needs, we are also keeping in mind the long-term vision for Julianne’s.Two years ago, the Junior League of Pelham approached the District about redesigning and renovating Julianne’s Playground through a community-wide fundraising effort. While this project has been delayed due to the pandemic, we remain supportive of this exciting vision and concept and are in contact with the Junior League about potential next steps in the post-pandemic era. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time. We look forward to sharing additional information as it becomes available. 


Cheryl H. Champ, Ed. D.

Superintendent of Schools

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