Lead Testing Results

Lead Testing Results
Alexander Wolff


Dear Pelham Families, 

In accordance with recently updated New York State law, schools must test their water every three years for the presence of lead. Since our last testing cycle, NYS has lowered the acceptable threshold from 15 to 5 parts per billion. Consistent with New York State Department of Health guidelines, our District’s drinking fountains and faucets were recently tested by an independent testing company. The testing revealed 28 locations throughout the District where lead levels exceeded the new allowable limit. Most of these locations were sink faucets that are not typically used for drinking water and would have passed under the previous regulations. Several of these faucets were already labeled as having nonpotable water. Two water fountains also had water that exceeded the new limit. The results have been reported to the Westchester County Department of Health and will be posted to the District website. 

Upon learning of these results, the District immediately put up signage indicating not to drink from the affected locations that had not previously been marked. Remediation efforts, which may include installing water filters, removal of the source from service and replacing faucets or piping, as necessary are also underway. Per NYSDOH guidance, the impacted sinks are safe for the purposes of handwashing and washing dishes. 

We are committed to ensuring that drinking water is safe for students and staff. Please be assured that while the remediation efforts are underway, there are sufficient safe drinking fountains in each of our schools for our students and staff. Water from all impacted drinking locations will be retested to ensure its safety before they are reopened. 


The Pelham Public Schools

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