Photos: District's Annual Retiree Recognition Night

Photos: District's Annual Retiree Recognition Night
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District administrators and the Board of Education honored retirees from 2020 and 2021 at a ceremony held on Wednesday, June 2, 2021. At the annual celebration, which was extended to the 2020 retirees who could not be honored in person last spring due to the pandemic, District administrators spoke about the incredible careers of these employees. All retirees are also awarded a commemorative handcrafted wooden pen in recognition of their many years of service to the Pelham Public Schools.

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2020 Retirees

Nancy Baird, Teacher

Janet Williamson, Teacher

Julie Liebersohn, Teacher/Staff Developer

Mary Ellen Garcia, Teacher

Maureen Morrissey, Teacher

Patricia Satalich, Teacher

Laura Connors, Teacher

Laurie Cusick, Teacher

Carla Matus, School Counselor

Jeannine Clark, PMHS Principal

Susan Gilbert, Siwanoy Principal

Patricia Rondina, Library Teaching Assistant

Svetlana Zhadanova, Data Analyst

Michelle Rivera, Nurse

Phil Chopak, Custodian

2021 Retirees

Deborah Doherty, Teacher

Joanne Lombardi, Teacher

Maria Sutherland, School Counselor

Virginia Manganiello, Administrative Assistant

Kim Norman, Library Teaching Assistant

Deborah Papageorge, Special Education Teaching Assistant

Maurizio Santini, Custodian

Ralph DeMasi, Safety Coordinator

Astrid Denison, Payroll/Benefits Coordinator

Miriam Lovett, Accounts Payable, Transportation Coordinator

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