Photos: PMHS Sock'n'Buskin Delights with "Brighton Beach Memoirs"

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Bravo! Congratulations to the PMHS Sock'n'Buskin Theater Group's hilarious rendition of Neil Simon's "Brighton Beach Memoirs." The show was directed by Tom Beck and Neil Schleifer and performed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, November 16-18. Starring Jack Finegan as Eugene Morris Jerome, Maggie Solimine as Blanche Morton, Athena Woodfin as Kate Jerome, Caitlin Winston as Laurie Morton, Meredith Heller as Nora Morton, Sam Rodd as Stanley Jerome and Jack Hopkins as Jack Jerome, the play depicts a Jewish-American family as seen through the eyes of 15-year-old Eugene. Living in cramped quarters in pre-World War 2 Brooklyn, Eugene begins to write his memoirs starring his unique family as his cast of characters. The resulting coming-of-age story is an entertaining lesson of overcoming obstacles with humor. View more photos from the play. 

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