Reopening Planning Survey

Pelham Public Schools

Dear Families, 

As we seek to determine a viable plan to safely bring students back for full-time in-person instruction, we are asking families to complete this survey before Monday, February 22 to assess your comfort level with potential changes to the current distancing requirements in the classroom. While we recognize more information will be needed for families to make a firm commitment for the remainder of the year, we are seeking to gain an understanding of your preferences to further assess our capacity and determine what level of distancing might be possible based on the number of students we are likely to have in the classroom. 

To this point, the District has maintained six-feet distancing in accordance with New York State Department of Health recommendations. However, with the increasing availability of vaccines, the American Academy of Pediatrics school guidance that suggests 3-feet distancing could be considered, and decreasing infection rates, the District may be in a position to reduce the 6-feet distancing requirement at some point. Our initial analysis of classroom space indicates that if all students were to return to in-person instruction, many classrooms would have less than 3-feet distancing between students. Therefore it is important for the District to understand how many families may prefer the full virtual option.

These survey results will be used for planning purposes only and families may be asked to commit to an in-person or fully remote instructional model at a later date once more details of these plans are known. 

Please be sure to complete this form once for each of your children. 


The Pelham Public Schools

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