Important COVID-19 Notification

Dr. Champ

Dear Pelham Parents and Residents,

Today we learned that a parent in the Pelham Public Schools has tested positive for COVID-19. The parent and family are now in quarantine. It is our understanding that this individual’s children were not symptomatic while at school but they are unfortunately symptomatic at this time. We will be notifying staff and parents of students who are likely to have been in contact with these students separately. 

As you are aware we have already closed school for Monday and Tuesday. At this time parents should make plans for a two week closure. We will communicate additional details about this by Monday evening.  

It is crucial that students not congregate during this time so as to mitigate the spread of disease. As a reminder, while schools are closed, all extracurricular activities have also been cancelled/postponed, including athletic practices and games. We are working with both our food service provider and state officials to ensure that students who rely on our school system for affordable meals are not going hungry. We are appreciative of our community organizations which are already mobilizing to assist with these needs. 

While this news is incredibly concerning, it is unfortunately the expected progression of the pandemic facing not just our community, but our region and state. We continue to ask that you report any confirmed cases of COVID-19 or requests to test and/or quarantine directly to your building principal. 

Our administration, faculty and staff are continuing their work to plan for meaningful self-directed learning during this extended closure and more details will be forthcoming early this week. While we are committed to providing the best possible experiences to our students during this time, it is important to understand that nothing will replicate the normal classroom experience. 

Closing school alone will not be enough to stop the spread of this virus and return our lives to normal. It remains essential that we continue to practice social distancing and preventative hygiene. This means: 

  • Stay home if you are feeling sick, and contact your doctor if you are concerned about your symptoms.

  • Avoid gathering in groups.

  • Wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, and remind your children to do the same.

  • Disinfect surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, desks, and handrails regularly.

As we continue to navigate this health crisis, it is essential that we support one another and our community as a whole. Please keep the members of our Pelham family and all those dealing with this disease in your thoughts.


Cheryl H. Champ
Superintendent of Schools

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