Monday's COVID-19 Update

Dr. Champ

Dear Pelham Parents and Residents,

As we continue to navigate the unprecedented challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to take a moment to thank our community leaders and organizations for their incredible efforts to keep our residents safe and help those in need. Whether it is families who are ill or in quarantine, are elderly, or are just struggling to manage the emotional toll of this crisis, our community continues to rise to the occasion and it is truly humbling. 

Today, our administrative team met virtually to continue development of our Distance Learning Plan. Tomorrow, we will be working with our faculty and staff so that we can introduce these opportunities on Wednesday. I am extremely thankful to our administrative team and our teachers for their efforts in this area. We know that nothing we can do remotely will replicate the kind of instruction that takes place in the classroom, but know we have an important role to play in furthering our students' education during this time. More information will be forthcoming from Dr. Garcia by Tuesday evening. 

We continue to ask that parents notify their principal about any confirmed positive tests for COVID-19 or requests to quarantine. This information allows us to notify contacts quickly and further slow the virus' spread. Additionally, anyone who was in contact with an individual known to be positive for the virus or has concerns about their symptoms or health should contact your doctor or call the Department of Health at 888-364-3065 or 518-473-3697.

Whether you are sick, have been in contact with someone who tested positive, or feel completely fine, it is essential that you adhere to social distancing guidelines as much as possible. This includes: 

  • Stay home as much as possible, even if you feel healthy

  • Refrain from congregating in groups

  • Refrain from social gatherings, play dates and sleepovers with friends

  • Do not visit public playgrounds

  • Use caution when visiting grocery stores/pharmacies and consider delivery services for food and groceries

Finally, as we seek to manage this situation as efficiently as possible, I ask that you please reach out to your teachers, counselors, and principals first with any questions you may have. If you are unable to resolve issues at the building level, you can also use the following contacts for questions about a particular subject as listed below:

  • Questions related to instruction, distance learning, technology, etc. - Dr. Steven Garcia, Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Personnel,

  • Questions related to special education, counseling and health services - Julia Chung, Asst. Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services,

  • Questions related to buildings, facilities, and free and reduced price meal program - Jim Hricay, Asst. Superintendent for Business,

  • Questions related to communications, email blasts, etc. - Alex Wolff, Public Information Officer,

Thank you all for your continued support.


Cheryl H. Champ
Superintendent of Schools

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