Students Compete in District Spelling Bee!

Students Compete in District Spelling Bee!
Alexander Wolff

Congratulations to 8th grader Evan Kaplan, Siwanoy 4th grader Macpherson Alderman and Hutchinson 5th grader Veda Jain on finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the District’s annual spelling bee! By placing in the top 2, Evan and Macpherson will become the first Pelham students to advance to the Regional Scripps Written Bee during the week of February 13. 

Evan, Macpherson and Veda conquered words such as “kirpan,” “jicarilla,” “rubicund,” and the winning word “intestate” to emerge from a field of 15 elementary and middle school students at the bee, which was held January 25 in the Middle School Library. The students had advanced to the District bee by finishing in the top three of their school-wide bees held earlier in January. 

Congratulations to the following school-wide winners:

Colonial School

Nellie Hill-Ries, Gr. 5

Matteo Panzani, Gr. 5

Penelope McGibbon, Gr. 5

Hutchinson School

Veda Jain, Gr. 5

LJ Casenas, Gr. 4

Amir Jain, Gr. 3

Prospect Hill School

Sanford (Sandy) Joachim, Gr. 5

Lauren Davidoff, Gr. 5

Olivia Shkoza, Gr. 4

Siwanoy School

Macpherson Alderman, Gr. 4

Anna Albarella, Gr. 5

Lucy Gould, Gr. 4

Pelham Middle School

Evan Kaplan, Gr. 8

Ethan Tran, Gr. 8

Rebeka Nezaj, Gr. 7 

We would also like to thank the following spelling bee coaches and contest officials, as well as the Pelham PTAs for supporting the spelling bee!


Ms. Laura Cruz, Pelham Middle School

Ms. Christine Lavin and Ms. Nancy Montano, Hutchinson School

Ms. Gabby Sokol and Ms. Ashley Miranda, Prospect Hill School

Ms. Amanda Sozio, Siwanoy School

Ms. Alaura Stivala and Ms. Angela Monteleone, Colonial School

Contest Officials


Ms. Ren Strachan, PMHS English Teacher


Ms. Lynn Sabia, Pelham Middle School Principal

Mr. Sean Llewellyn, Pelham Middle School Assistant Principal

Ms. Mariana Cordero, PMHS English/Special Education Teacher

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