Update on Testing

Dr. Cheryl Champ

Dear Pelham Families,

As you know, last week PMHS students were tested as a precaution before being permitted to return for in-person instruction. We are writing to inform you that two individuals did test positive for COVID-19. These individuals, who are asymptomatic, are following appropriate quarantine protocols and the Department of Health was notified for contact tracing purposes. Anyone determined to have been a contact of these individuals has been notified and is also quarantining per DOH guidelines. Because these individuals have not been in our schools/facilities, PMHS and all other schools will continue to operate under the Hybrid Model. 

We feel fortunate that so far, our community continues to beat the COVID-19 infection statistics of our region, which are already low. This gives us confidence that the systems and procedures that are in place to keep our schools healthy are working as intended and that our community, students, and staff are taking this situation seriously and making responsible choices. 

I want to thank and commend the PMHS students who reported for testing and showed great maturity in the face of a challenging situation. It is the collective responsibility of all involved that will allow this school year to proceed and all of our students to flourish in the face of these uncertain times. 

We will continue to do all that we can to reduce the risk of transmission and create a healthy and safe environment for our students and staff. 

Shanah Tovah to all who celebrated this weekend and we look forward to a productive week ahead. Please see some important updates and reminders below with regard to the health screening process. 


Cheryl H. Champ

Superintendent of Schools

ezSCRN App Now Available for Gr. 6-12 Families

Gr. 6-12 families may now use the ezSCRN app in lieu of the paper Student Health Questionnaire form. K-5 families should still use the paper Student Health Questionnaire each day. 

Whether using the ezSCRN app or the paper Student Health Questionnaire, families must take your child's temperature and answer health screening questions before sending them to school. Your child will be required to present affirmation that the screening process has been completed upon entering school each day. If your child has a fever greater than 100.0 degrees F., or if you must answer "Yes" to any of the screening questions, your child MUST NOT come to school.

About ezSCRN

On Thursday, Gr. 6-12 families should have received an email invitation from ezSCRN.

To use ezSCRN, parents/guardians/caregivers should complete the health screening form on the ezSCRN app (iPhone) or visit app.ezscrn.com (Android) by following the directions below. Students will need to have the same app on their mobile device or access app.ezscrn.com so they can then show the "green dot" that appears on the app once the form is completed as they enter the building each day. Students may also show a screenshot image of the completed screening from their parent/guardian/caregiver's device.

ezSCRN Directions

  • If you are an iPhone user, 
    • Please download the ezSCRN app.
    • Using the email invitation from ezSCRN that you received via email, log-in to the app using the email address by which you received the invitation.  An account has already been created for you with your child's name, so you just need to create a password (include a capital letter, lower case letter, a number, and a symbol)
    • When you see your child's name, swipe left to begin the health assessment process.
  • If you are an Android user,
    • Please go to app.ezscrn.com using your browser. Unfortunately, Androids do not offer an app for ezSCRN, however, you can save it as a favorite or create a shortcut to make accessing the website easier. 

Please contact Julia Chung, Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services if you are experiencing any technical issues and remember that you may still use the paper Student Health Questionnaire. 

If your child has symptoms

The parent/guardian/caregiver of any child who exhibits COVID symptoms should contact their doctor and seek guidance. If a child has an underlying condition that may be consistent with COVID symptoms, the parent should ensure that the school nurse has a letter from the doctor stating such information so that we don't send the student home every time the student shows the symptoms.

If a child exhibits a fever they should notify the school and see their doctor to obtain clearance before returning to school.

Typically, any NEW symptoms should be dealt with cautiously, including contacting the doctor.  Parents know their children the best, and we encourage parents to use their knowledge of their own children as well as consulting their pediatrician.

Public Health Agreement

As a reminder, please be sure to read and complete this Public Health Agreement for students and families. 

This Week's Cohort Schedule (September 21-25)

Monday/Tuesday: Cohort A in person (Cohort B remote)

Wednesday: Cohort B in person (Cohort A remote - early dismissal for all students)

Thursday/Friday: Cohort B in person (Cohort A remote)

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