World Read Aloud Day - 2019

Dr. Cheryl Champ shows students a picture in the book as students look on.

Dr. Cheryl Champ, superintendent of schools reads to students in the Colonial School library.

Detective Caroll sits facing the children with the book he is reading as Prospect students look on.

Detective Jason Caroll reads in the Prospect Hill Grand Hallway.

Maria Thompson holds up her book as Siwanoy students look on.

Dr. Maria Thompson, director of humanities, reads to students at Siwanoy School. 

Justin O'Beirne reads from a children's book as Hutchinson students look on.

PMHS student and science honor society member Justin O'Beirne read to students at Hutchinson School. 

Detective Carroll and the two police officers hold a book while the Prospect Hill students look at the camera.

Detective Carroll, and Officers Paul and Kieran read to Prospect Hill students.

John Sebalos holds open a book while students wearing paper %22crowns%22 look back at the camera.

Director of Technology John Sebalos reads at Prospect Hill School.

Stories sprung to life on Friday, Feb. 1 as the Pelham Public Schools enthusiastically celebrated World Read Aloud Day with a variety of guest readers who shared their favorite books with elementary school students.

World Read Aloud Day was started by LitWorld in 2010 to draw attention to the benefits of reading frequently, such as understanding and empathizing with others, as well as understanding a variety of perspectives. Importantly, reading aloud helps children develop literacy, grammar skills and word mastery.

Guest readers included principals, teachers, administrators, community members and authors who read to students, asked questions about the books, and shared why they chose the book they wanted to read.

At Prospect Hill, students in the STEAM club helped build a reading bench out of old donated books. Some of the many quest speakers included Judge John De Chiaro and Detective Jason Carroll, who read “Officer Buckle and Gloria,” by Peggy Rathmann.

Several members of the Pelham Public Schools administrative team visited the schools to read some of their favorites. For example, Dr. Maria Thompson, director of humanities read “Punctuation Takes a Vacation,” by Robin Pulver and Dr. Cheryl Champ, superintendent of schools, read “What Do You Do With an Idea,” by Kobi Yamada. Other readers included Dr. Tom Callahan, director of math and science, John Sebalos, director of technology, Dr. Steven Garcia, assistant superintendent for curriculum, instruction and personnel, and Dr. Lauren Ribeiro, special education supervisor K-5.

At Hutchinson, students were read to by PMHS student and science honor society member Justin O’Beirne. Teacher Maureen Morrissey also arranged for a variety of guest authors to read their books via skype. These authors included Lauren Magaziner, E. D. Baker, Jonathan Rosen, Jacob Sager Weinstein, Jean Elster, Dee Romito, Merrill Wyatt, Dana Middleton, Jackie Yeager, Sarah McGuire.

The festivities also happened at Pelham Middle School with teachers and students reading aloud during science and social studies classes.