The Pelham Public Schools' athletic program is an extension of the school curriculum that provides a variety of sports for the physical, mental and social growth of our students. Our program strives to prepare students to become responsible and respectful citizens of our community. A comprehensive program of athletic opportunities expresses our commitment to the education of the whole child. We will seek for excellence through dedication, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play.

Director of Physical Education, Health & Athletics

Stephen Luciana
(914) 738-8105

Secretary to Director of Physical Education & Athletics 

Toni Damiano
(914) 738-8110, Ext. 1201 

Sports Offered


Boys' Soccer - V, JV, Modified

Girls' Soccer - V, JV, Modified

Field Hockey - V, JV, Modified

Football - V, JV, Modified

Cross Country - V, JV, Modified

Girls' Tennis - V, JV

Volleyball - V, JV, Modified

Girls' Swimming & Diving - V

Cheerleading - V

Schedules and Cancellations

Pre-season Practice Schedule - Fall 2019

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For updates and cancellations please call the Pelican Hotline at (914) 633-6505.


Boys' Basketball - V, JV, Frosh, Modified

Girls' Basketball - V, JV, Modified

Boys' Swimming - V

Ice Hockey - V, JV, Modified

Indoor Track - V

Cheerleading - V


Baseball - V, JV, Modified

Softball - V, JV, Modified

Boys' Lacrosse - V, JV, Modified

Girls' Lacrosse - V, JV, Modified

Track - V

Crew - V

Rugby - V

Boys' Tennis - V, JV

Boys' Golf - V

Girls' Golf - V

Student and Parent Resources

Coaches List and Contact


Fall Coaches


Cross Country

Varsity: James Marcotullio

Modified: Lisa Edwards

Field Hockey

Varsity: Anmolak Singh

JV: Molly Mulholland

Modified: Amy Lucas


Varsity: Artie Viggiano

JV: Dan Green

Modified: Steve Magarelli

Girls’ Soccer

Varsity: Campbell Fee

JV: Carly Ferguson

Modified: Jack Plunkett, Nicky Starvatow

Boys’ Soccer

Varsity: Daniel Quaye

JV:  Abdul Ibrahim

Modified: Kevin Miller


Varsity: Chris Drwinga

Girls’ Tennis

Varsity: Olympia Koclanes

JV: Henry Chapman


Varsity: Mark Finegan

JV: Laura Stagliano

Modified: Brian LeightonKeith Maley


Varsity & JV: Rachel Pixley

Winter Coaches

Winter Coaches

Boys’ Basketball

Varsity: Mark Courtien, Jr.

JV: Rich Altobelli

Modified: Jack Plunkett

Modified: Steve Magarelli

Girls’ Basketball

Varsity: Tim Pitrulle

JV: Katie Mccarthy

Modified:  Nick D’ambrosoJoanna Bonaccorso

Ice Hockey

Varsity: Ed Witz

JV: Richard Minoff

Modified: Bob Kelly

Winter Track

Varsity Boys & Girls: Brian Leighton


Varsity & JV: Rachel Pixley

Boys Swimming

Varsity Boys: Chris Driwinga

Spring Coaches

Spring Coaches


Varsity: Brian Leighton

JV: Ken Carrella

Modified: John Nesi

Boys’ Lacrosse

Varsity: James Rogers

JV: Donald Peters

Modified: Michael Green

Girls’ Lacrosse

Varsity: Kaleigh Howe

JV: Molly Mulholland

Modified: Sara Bagwell


Varsity: Keith Maley

JV: Cara Schwartz

Modified: Nick D’ambroso

Boys’ Tennis

Varsity: Olympia Koclanes

JV: Nicky Starvatow


Varsity Boys: TBD

Varsity Girls: Tim Pitrulle


Varsity: Mark Finegan

Modified Girls: Maribeth Albin


Varsity: Justin Stangel


Varsity: Matt Persanis

Sport Start Dates


Fall Sports

August 19, 2019 – Varsity & JV

September 5, 2019–  Modified

Winter Sports

November 11, 2019 – Varsity & JV 

December 2, 2019 – Modified

Spring Sports

March 9, 2020– Varsity & JV

March 30, 2020– Modified

Sport Registration Information

All modified, JV and varsity athletics sign-ups must be completed using the FamilyID system. An up-to-date physical must be on file for students to participate in athletics. 

Register for Pelham Athletics using Family ID

Learn more about the FamilyID registration process

Student Physical Form

Information Regarding College Athletics