The District's facilities department is responsible for maintaining each of the school buildings and grounds and athletic fields and facilities including the Glover Sports Complex. The department also handles scheduling of after school events on school property and manages the District's custodial and maintenance staff. 

Director of Facilities

John Condon


Judy Medina


575 Colonial Avenue
Pelham, NY 10803

Phone: 914-738-9140

Fax: 914-738-2394

Important Information and Policies

Athletic Facilities and Glover Sports Complex

The Pelham Public Schools owns a variety of athletic fields and recreational areas in town, many of which are jointly maintained by the District and the Town of Pelham. These facilities are frequently used by both students and the community and are maintained jointly by the District and Town.

District-Owned Facilities

Glover Sports Complex, E. Sandford Blvd.

Athletic Facilities Available: Glover Field (football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, etc.), track, Joe Solimine Field (baseball), A&B (baseball), Richie Bell (little league), Friendship Field (softball), four tennis hard-court tennis courts.

Franklin Field, Adjacent to Pelham Middle School

Multipurpose grass field used for soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, etc.

Ingalls Field, Adjacent to Pelham Memorial High School and Pelham Middle School

Multipurpose grass field used for soccer, lacrosse, etc., little league/softball diamond

Prospect Hill Field, 1000 Washington Avenue

Multipurpose grass field used for soccer, etc. little league diamond

Hutchinson Field, Fifth Street

Multipurpose grass field used for soccer, etc., little league diamond

Julianne's Playground, Sixth Street

Children's playground with equipment, two hard-court tennis courts, blacktop area

Rules and Regulations

  • Only rubberized athletic shoes may be worn on the tennis courts and track. No cleats (including rubber cleats), no bikes, skates boards or wheels of any kind are allowed.
  • School use for gym class, sporting events, and practices takes precedence over residential use.
  • State law prohibits smoking and alcohol on all school property, including fields. Dogs are also prohibited on all school grounds.

* Please adhere to posted rules at each specific facility

Tennis Court Reservations

For reservations for tennis courts, call the Recreation Office at 738-0153. Permits are required from May 1 through October 1.

Guidelines for Hanging Banners on School Property

Organizations often request to hang a banner on school property.  Please note that only registered not-for-profit organizations with direct links to the school district will be considered. Requests should be submitted to Mr. John Condon,  Director of Facilities, jcondon@pelhamschools.org or 914 738 9140, ext. 1145.

Building/Facilities Use Fee Schedule and Application