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The Pelham Public Schools use ParentSquare to communicate with families and the Pelham community via email, text message and phone alerts. All Pelham parents/guardians will receive posts from the District and their children's school(s) via email. Families can also access additional features by registering their accounts and downloading the free ParentSquare app. 

Why ParentSquare?

ParentSquare will replace Constant Contact and Infinite Campus Messenger as the primary means of District and school based communication. In addition to bringing greater consistency in our communications, ParentSquare includes a number of features which we believe will be of particular benefit to our families, including:

  • Creating more robust and engaging communications

  • Providing flexibility for how messages are received with a free mobile app and customizable message delivery features

  • Having more accurate and frequently updated contact information

  • Automating two-way language translation to foster a more inclusive school community

Important Information for Families

  • By default, users will receive all emails/posts from the District and School as part of a daily digest at 6pm each day. Users can change this setting by logging in to ParentSquare, clicking their name to visit their account and then clicking “Notification Settings.” Please note that the District has the ability to override your notification settings when sending time sensitive information, such as in an emergency or if there is a snow day, etc. 

  • If families have a question about an email/post that they receive, simply responding to the notification in your email will not reach the sender. Instead, users who have registered their account will have the ability to “comment” on a post. These comments will only be seen by the original sender of the post, who can then respond as necessary. Please note that you may also email your principal directly if you so choose. 

  • Once logged in to ParentSquare via the web or the app, users will be able to see previous posts as part of a feed. Within the feed, you will see posts that pertain to you/your child, including the District and your respective schools.

  • Please note that our initial use of ParentSquare will focus on communications from the District and your School/Principal only. For the time being, communication with your child's teachers will continue as it currently does.

Benefits of Registration and Downloading the App

In order to take full advantage of ParentSquare, we strongly encourage families to register for the following benefits:

  • Receiving push notifications via the free Mobile App

  • Changing your notification preferences to fit your needs and schedule

  • Setting your preferred home language for automatic two-way translation

  • Commenting/responding to posts from the District or School.

Community Member Sign-up

The District recognizes that the Pelham Public Schools plays an important role in the community for everyone - including those who do not currently have students in our schools. 

Community members are encouraged to register for District notifications and can use the button below to sign up for general news and information and/or weather related closures/schedule changes. Please note that parents/guardians who currently have students enrolled in the District do not need to sign up for these groups. 

Community Member Parentsquare Sign-up