Strategic Plan


In 2014, the District launched a five-year Strategic Plan (2014-2019) centered around four key goals:

  1. Systemically integrate the Principles and content of 21st Century learning into academic and co-curricular programs to prepare all students to meet current and future challenges
  2. Provide well-articulated coordinated networks of support as well as targeted instruction for ever K-12 learner
  3. Foster the social-emotional development of all students to promote wellness of the "whole child" and to support every learner's growth and success
  4. Building a professional culture of learning, effective feedback and growth for every employee, inspiring a standard of excellence for all. 

These goals were the outcome of nearly a year of research and community engagement that included students, staff, parents, and community leaders. Each goal formed the basis for a pillar of the Strategic Plan, under which specific action steps were developed to ensure that the plan is implemented in a systemic and effective way.

Four Pillars

  1. Principles and content of 21st Century Learning
  2. Coordinated networks of support and targeted instruction
  3. Social-emotional development and wellness of the whole child
  4. Professional culture of learning, effective feedback, and growth