Board of Education to Continue Deliberations on Hutchinson

Dear Pelham Parents and Residents:

The Board of Education of the Pelham Public Schools will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 7:15 pm in the Middle School Library on the second floor of Pelham Middle School, 28 Franklin Pl, Pelham, NY 10803.

At the meeting, the Board will continue its decision-making analysis with the goal of settling on a direction for Hutchinson School as it relates to the proposed bond for this school year.

The Board is considering a variety of options for Hutchinson because of the need to replace the brick façade on the outside of the school and increase accessibility to the building. They include seven options for a building extension with an elevator and other accessibility improvements and a varying number of new classrooms as part of the addition, as well as the option of building a new school.

On Oct. 10, the Board began its final deliberations on the best course of action for Hutchinson. At that meeting, the Board agreed upon 10 criteria that will factor into the decision: safety, capacity, disruption to learning during construction, best fit for educational program, future financial flexibility, predictability/ risk during construction, best stewardship of resources, best value to community, ability to gain community support, and providing the best quality of life for students. The Board then assigned weight factors on a scale of 1-10 to each of the criteria.

At its upcoming meeting on Oct. 17, the Board will seek to find consensus on which of the 8 options (7 extension/renovation, plus possibility for new school) best support each of the criteria. The Board will assign scores (1-10) to each proposal, then, using the weight factors, will see which option scores the highest overall and thus best meet the criteria. The Board will then use those scores to help select the best option with which to proceed.

Once the Board makes its decision about Hutchinson School, the focus will shift to determining the needs at the other schools and facilities to shape the scope of the final bond proposal.

More information on the various proposals for Hutchinson, including a video tour of the school, a PowerPoint presentation of the options, and recordings of two community meetings about the project are available by clicking “Hutchinson School Façade/Bond” under the “District” tab at

The full agenda will be available for viewing 24 hours before the meeting.