Registration of Students

Registration Overview


Parents/guardians must present themselves IN PERSON with the completed registration forms and with ORIGINAL documentation. DO NOT mail registration packets as they will not be accepted. 

Prerequisites for Registration

  • Students must reside in the Town of Pelham to attend the Pelham Public Schools as a resident.
  • The parent/guardian must provide photo identification, such as a valid driver's license or passport at the time of registration.
  • For a Pelham resident to register a child living in his or her residence, documents showing legal custody may be required.

Documents Required for Registration

Application for Admittance

  • This form must be completed and notarized

Proof of Residency in Pelham

  • All residents are required to submit two acceptable proofs of residency such as: two complete and recent (within last three months) copies of a Con Edison bill, cable bill, or bank statement. NOTE: phone bills and a driver's license are not acceptable. 
  • In addition, kindly bring original documents: 
  • Current Homeowners: tax bill for their residence with their name
  • New Homebuyers: contract of sale and signed closing statement or deed
  • Non-Homeowners: signed, dated and notarized lease and proof of payment (cancelled checks or receipts) of two recent months' rent (can include security) with respective bills from the landlord OR, for non-renters, two postmarked government or utility mailings with applicant's name and address. All Non-Homeowners must also complete and submit a notarized District affidavit from their landlord or property owner. 

Health Records

  • Immunization Records: Please submit most recent copy of child's immunization and physical record. Children entering the public schools must be immunized (View Immunization Requirements for Schools).
  • Health Certificate: In addition, please submit the following forms: 
  • Health (Physical Certificate)
  • Health & Information Survey Form
  • Dental Health Certificate Form
  • Health Disclosure Authorization Form

Student Documents

  • Proof of Age of Incoming Student
  • NYS Education Department Home Language Questionanaire
  • Official Document from Prior School - This includes school records, report card, prior school schedule, and transcripts. The Grading Scale (e.g. A=90, B=80, etc.) or School Profile must also be submitted. 
  • IEP if applicable
  • Pupil Record Release Form

Once the District reviews all paperwork, the registration process will proceed. Misrepresentation of information will be considered an act of fraud and may be legally prosecuted.