Stakeholder Feedback

Throughout the planning process, the District has sought feedback from stakeholders, including students, parents and teachers/staff. This included surveys asking about: 

As plans for reopening school are refined, the District further engaged parents from both the 2019-20 Authentic Learning and Community Engagement & Advocacy committees as well as the PTA Council to solicit additional feedback on distance learning, in person plans and hybrid models.  

The draft plans were further shared publicly at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, July 27, 2020. 

Channels of Communications

Parent communication will be especially important during the school year, particularly if/when the District needs to shift between in-person, distance learning and hybrid models or share information regarding health and safety.

Email Blasts

The District and individual schools will primarily communicate via email, using email addresses provided by parents via their emergency contact forms. Parents and/or any Pelham community member may sign up for District email communications via the form below:

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Text Messages

District text messaging is typically used to communicate information during emergency situations. Cell phone numbers listed on Emergency Contact Forms (with permission) are used for these messages. During the 2020-21 school year, text messages may be used to inform parents if/when the District must shift between the in-person/hybrid and distance learning models. 

If parents wish to add or remove their cell phone numbers from the distribution list, they should contact their school principal. 

Social Media/District Website

District/school news and updates may be communicated via the District/school websites and/or the District's Facebook/Twitter pages.

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In-School Communication

Teachers, nurses and school administrators will work to share information with students about changes to procedures, proper hygiene, and protocols. Additionally, the District will place appropriate signs throughout classrooms and hallways to remind students about information such as proper wearing of face coverings, washing hands frequently and thoroughly, appropriate physical distancing and signs and symptoms of COVID-19.