Academic Program K-12

Subject and grade overviews, K-5, plus links to academic departments at Pelham Middle School and PMHS.

Elementary School Program
Our elementary school instructional program is guided by the belief that good schools nurture a child's intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth.  In our classroom practice, we engage children in learning experiences that are relevant, purposeful, and challenging. We strive to have children master content knowledge and skills in a learning environment that respects children's developmental needs, interests, learning styles and differences.  Recognizing that learning is constantly evolving, we scaffold instruction and assist students in making connections with prior learning.  With a strong foundation of learning in place, students are challenged to form new understandings and to create new meaning.

Pelham Middle School
At Pelham Middle School, we foster academic success through carefully orchestrated programs that reflect the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of young adolescents.   We recognize that 10 to 14 year olds are developmentally poised for significant intellectual growth and are cognitively ready for high-level academic challenges.  We also recognize, however,  that this can be best achieved  in a safe and inviting environment that supports the significant changes in the physical development and social behavior, as well as rapid development in the emotional intelligence of our students. Flexible and varied instruction, individualized learning, and collaborative, cross-disciplinary approaches are utilized in a facility designed for this age group.  Our teachers and students share ownership of learning in the classroom, after-school activities and through  annual outdoor educational experiences.

Pelham Memorial High School 
As a four-year high school with academically diverse students, Pelham Memorial High School provides a challenging range of courses and a rigorous college preparatory program. In a supportive environment that promotes respect and responsibility, students also develop through a rich performing and creative arts program and a wide variety of extracurricular and athletic activities. For an overview of academic, extracurricular, and athletic opportunities at PMHS

Academic Intervention Services (AIS) Plan 2018-19 
Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are services designed to help students achieve the learning standards. These services include two components: additional instruction that supplements the general curriculum (regular classroom instruction); and/or student support services needed to address barriers to improved academic performance. The intensity of such services may vary, but must be designed to respond to student needs as indicated through State assessments results and/or the district-adopted or district-approved procedure that is consistent throughout the district at each grade level.

Literacy Vision Statement

The Pelham Public Schools value a literacy-rich environment across the disciplines that provides all students with authentic opportunities to become independent and lifelong readers, writers, speakers, and critical thinkers.  We are committed to helping students grow into empathetic, intellectually curious, and informed global citizens who demonstrate strong and effective communication skills in diverse ways. Our programs and instruction foster student voice and encourage choice in student work to promote students’ engagement and develop their creativity.   The Pelham Public Schools recognize that, together, we can build a community of learners who gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them through reading and writing and effectively communicate their unique perspectives for the betterment of our democratic society and interdependent world.  Adopted by the K-12 District Literacy Committee, May 2018.  Pelham Tristate Visit on K-12 Writing April 2016 and February 2019. 

Pelham Inquiry Cycle - a model to authentically engage and empower learners