Art Department

Featured Work

Morgan Sample and Henry Gutch are shown in front of their artwork at the OSilas gallery

The artwork of Pelham seniors Morgan Sample and Henry Gutch are among 90 pieces exhibited at the Regional High School Student Art Exhibition at Concordia College, which runs through January 25. At the opening, held on January 15 at the OSilas Gallery, Sample’s work was chosen as one of just seven award winners. The exhibit features the work of artists from more than 30 area high schools. Read more about the exhibit.

A woman in a black dress is painted on a window
Four window panels are painted depicting %22The Brainy Bunch%22
A student paints a cartoon with a pumpkin on a window.
Students paint art on windows.
Students paint art on windows
A student paints art on a window.
Students paint a witch on a window.
A student paints a witch on a window.
Students paint on the windows of The Picture House's offices


The Art Department in the Pelham School District stimulates critical thinking skills, encourages innovation, develops aesthetic awareness, provides opportunities for self expression, promotes cultural awareness and instills a love and respect for Art among students K-12.  

Through exploration of various art materials and rich aesthetic experiences, our goal is to provide a comprehensive program that will allow students an opportunity to develop a voice through their art, learn about Art in our world and make cultural connections through Art making and Art learning.

Elementary Schools


The K-5 Art Curriculum is an ongoing sequential process which provides a visually stimulating environment where students are encouraged to perceive, create, understand and appreciate art.  The Art curriculum is guided by the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts and is linked to other areas in the curriculum. 

Our curriculum prepares students for 21st century learning by engaging them in artmaking processes which stimulate critical thinking skills, provide opportunity for self expression, and rich aesthetic experiences. 

We provide a learning environment to investigate art materials, technology, and resources. We build art appreciation through exploring and reflecting upon the elements of global art history and cultures. Our students exercise various concepts and skills through the production of artwork. The elementary art program not only provides the necessary foundation for students to continue within Pelham’s rich and diverse art opportunities throughout the middle and high school grade levels, but also offers unique avenues of art expression and appreciation for all children. 

Elementary Art Faculty

Nancy Baird

Emlyn Taveras

Mary Preston

Middle School

The Pelham Middle School Art Department strives to provide opportunities for exploration, expression and creative decision making in an environment that encourages students to tap into their innate creative potential.  Through developmentally appropriate and differentiated art challenges in a variety of media, students develop problem-solving skills and aesthetic awareness to be communicated through the lens of their own experience. Learning about art throughout history and the art of other cultures further inspires students to discover their own artistic voice in our world.  Students will also learn the relevance of art skills and art knowledge, as it relates to the real world and practical application. These important elements of the curriculum are synonymous with the framework of the IB middle years program.

High School  

We believe all students have the potential to develop their artistic abilities and create meaningful works of art.  Our mission is to stimulate critical thinking skills, provide opportunities for self-expression and give students a comprehensive program of rich aesthetic experiences that will allow them to exercise their imaginations and come to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. 

MS/HS Faculty

Lori Amer - Middle School

Kaycee Cherashore - Fine Art, Photography, AP Art History

William Doyle - Fine Art, Architecture

Devon Fallon - Fine Art, Art Coordinator

Christina Levi - Fine Art

Rebecca Schwarz - Fine Art, Yearbook Production and Print

Jane Wals - Graphic Design, Animation