Students sitting on the floor sharing and discussing their writing.
Sticky notes showing writing strategies on a desk that tell students to build fluency and find a good place to stop
A teacher sits at a group of desks with students who are writing.
A student sits in a chair and reads to classmates.

What We Value in Literacy Instruction

The Pelham Public Schools value a literacy-rich environment across the disciplines that provides all students with authentic opportunities to become independent and lifelong readers, writers, speakers, and critical thinkers.  We are committed to helping students grow into empathetic, intellectually curious, and informed global citizens who demonstrate strong and effective communication skills in diverse ways. Our programs and instruction foster student voice and encourage choice in student work to promote students’ engagement and develop their creativity.   The Pelham Public Schools recognize that, together, we can build a community of learners who gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them through reading and writing and effectively communicate their unique perspectives for the betterment of our democratic society and interdependent world. 

(Vision Statement Adopted by the K-12 District Literacy Committee May 2018)